Decorative Metal

Welcome to my business!


Are you a motorcycle enthusiast? Do you crave having the most impressive ride? Here at Decorative Metal we can offer something that no other business can. I have been trained in the classical art of chasing.

With a chisel and hammer I can transform your ordinary fender into a smoking skull and gun, or into a classic portrait of prohibition era agents(see samples). I am very excited to bring my art into the world of motor cycles. Please take a look at my samples as I am looking to expand my business and take orders. I can work with you to make a design purely customized to what you want.



Call us today: 1-201-919-2011

We put our customers first. We listen to you and help you find what you need. Come check out our photos and see what we are all about:

  • Bringing out the monster in your machine
  • Friendly service with an enthusiastic artisan.
  • Open mind to your input and ideas
  • And much, much more!

If you have an inquiry about a project of your own, please submit a picture or design idea along with the type of piece you want made. I can then send back a quote and an expected time of completion. Thank you. 

We serve all those in the mainland USA and abroad. We are happy to set up an in-person consultation to go over designs and what you want, but we can also work over webcam and email.